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#NeverLetGo (Show Me)

by Moe Vibez

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trippin off some shit you prolly never heard of
you got a big ego boii take this an it can get murdered
watch the walls melt
remember how your skull felt when that pineal gland
finally got to burstin
i got a perspective
im not ur average person
i draw out my words with pictures
they stuck on the cursive verses
take a trip with me homie
let ur body feel the inertia
i wanna help ya
wont ever hurt ya
i see what u thinking
oh yeah i heard ya
my telepathic mind
pick up on vibez i know your purpose
and its more than work consume and the sleep
its more than purchasen your dreams your more then a sheep
this is more than the deep blue sea
this flow is me you birds bees earth trees
dirt leaves
this is a black hole youll never know the gravity
actually youll get sucked in and spit out faster then adam and eve

they trynna decipher that one
never know how fast these raps come to me
when i got a couple zags full of weed
i master these beats and give u master of piece
master of peace
yet astronomically im still just a small speck of dust
that should have never came to be
but if you connect me with the people we got sacred geometry
you color inside the lines thats fine i dont even go out the lines
i paint with out the lines
u live with out an eye
u live with in the lies of society
claimin woe is me
get up an do something
no oppression will be pressin our lives if we stand shoulder to shoulder
holding eachother let em know that we speak
let em know we aint weak

cuz fuck this money
if no ones willing to pay attention
this stuff aint funny
i know theres something we missin
an its my mission
for every day im living
to take a step in the path of enlightment
until im missin
I wanna not know where i am
cuz what i see right now wasnt part of the plan
and i just hope they understand
that we can and we will get through this if u just hold my hand

never let go
never let go
never let go
never let go
never let go

let em gooooo

show me what im here for
show me love cuz i got so much to give yall
show me hope for human exsistence
show me compassion isnt really missin
show me u just had to much distance
show me illness ill give u the perscription
show me wisdom
show me glisten souls not empty homes wishin for gold extensions
of thy self cuz it dont come with u when we die out
i cry out pleading for them to listen
but to a non believer u can speak in tounges all they hear is gibberish
im skiddish
when im out in public
cuz if i started talkin like this theyd lock me up an
take away the comfort
of feelin like im out here doin something
im moving ant hills i wanna move mountains
or it feel like im moving nothin
still moving upwards
food for thought
chose your supper
dont be judas at the last meal or use a sucka
im in this booth being a stupid mufucka


released December 12, 2016
Written and performed by: Moe Vibez
Recorded and Mixed @ New Life Records: ​
Beat By: 1VArt <----the G.o.A.T!!!



all rights reserved


Moe Vibez Wichita, Kansas

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